Date:13 August, 2015


“Helmeted valkyries came down from the sky
—the noise of spears grew loud—they protected the prince;
then said Sigrun—the wound-giving valkyries flew,
the troll-woman’s mount was feasting on the fodder of ravens…”
Model: Kim Rose
Hair and Makeup: Sam Ellenberger
Hair accessories and flash tattoos: Locks R us​
Chainmaille Neckpiece: Linda Maree / Ravens Nest
Garments: Ilan​
Corset: Bare Online​
Headpiece: Symbiotique​

GretheRosseauxPhotographyKimValkyrieONE GretheRosseauxPhotographyKimValkyrieTHREE GretheRosseauxPhotographyKimValkyrieTWO