Client FAQ

Where are you based?
Somerset West, Western Cape

Are you willing to travel?
I am more than happy to work anywhere in the world – wherever your project takes me! Please note that unless otherwise arranged and agreed upon, travel costs and/or accommodation will be for the client’s account.

Do you speak any other languages?
Indeed! I am fluent in English and Afrikaans, with Afrikaans giving me a fairly good understanding of Dutch.
Furthermore, I can converse fairly well in German and Russian.

Which genres of photography do you shoot?
I specialise in the following:
• Fashion / Editorial
• Creative / Conceptual
• Beauty / Glamour
• Headshots / Portfolio
• Advertising
• Corporate
• Travel
• Food

Please note that I do not photograph families, maternity, children and newborns. There are always exceptions, but those are only in special cases – such as friends or family.

Do you shoot weddings?
Yes I do, but I am very selective about my wedding clients because I feel that we have to be the right fit for each other, as our personal connection has a big impact on the results of your wedding photographs. My style of wedding photography is often described as “unobtrusive, elegant, cinematic, energetic and detailed”, as I aim for a timeless approach, but with unique style.

It’s worth mentioning that I do have a taste for weddings that go off the beaten path, so all “alternative” couples are encouraged!

My wedding work is available here.

Do you edit/retouch all your images yourself?
I studied retouching under some of the industry’s finest and no image is delivered without having been double checked for sharpness, colour correction and exposure, as well as skin retouching where needed. I pride myself on professional, detailed retouching (skin and otherwise) as well as an almost cinematic feel to my overall colour grading.

Can I have the RAW/unedited images?
Unfortunately, I do not give any unprocessed images to clients. I pride myself on my retouching and it’s an absolutely crucial part of my brand. I do, however, make sure that clients are presented with professionally processed images that are of international standard that represents both myself and the client in the best way possible.
Please note that all RAW files are archived for  a total of six months and thereafter deleted.

Please note that Grethe Rosseaux retains copyright to all images, unless contractually and mutually agreed upon otherwise. By paying the retainer/booking fee, the client hereby understands that all images will remain the property of Grethe Rosseaux unless otherwise agreed upon. Grethe Rosseaux retains the right to use any and all images for marketing purposes online and in print, as well as, but not limited to social media.

What is your turnaround time for images?
It depends on my workload, but I have never had a client wait for longer than four weeks. However, I ask that clients please be patient and give me between two to six weeks for final delivery and wedding clients, four to eight weeks please.

How do I make a booking?
• Upon initial inquiry, please provide me with as much information about the kind of project you require my services for.
• Please make sure to include the time frame you have in mind, the location and whether or not you would require professional hair, makeup and fashion styling.
• Following this, I will send my pricing and availability.
• Upon acceptance of the quotation, you will receive an invoice for the non-refundable retainer, as well as my terms and conditions.
• Once the retainer has been paid and my terms and conditions document have been signed and returned, we can start talking ideas and I will start sending you my recommendations for collaborators.

Please note that the more ambitious the project is, the more time will be required for planning!

Where can I see your pricing?
While I have fixed pricing for certain projects, I quote many projects from the ground up, depending on what it entails so please provide as much information as possible in your consultation email so I can quote accurately.

Do you use lighting equipment?
I am equally competent in both speedlights and studio lighting equipment, as well as reflectors. Most of my work is done with a combination of natural light and off-camera lighting.

Do you use an assistant/second photographer?
It depends on the project.
For certain shoots (such as weddings and big corporate events) I almost always have an assistant and/or second photographer, mostly because I need a body double to ensure I cover everything. For other projects such as fashion or model shoots I often only need an extra pair of hands on set, or sometimes even none at all!

Can we meet up to discuss my project?
Of course, in fact – I encourage it! If we are not in the same area, we can always set up a Skype meeting or arrange travel.