Photographer FAQ

Where did you study?
Stellenbosch Academy

Do you shoot Canon or Nikon?

What’s in your bag?
Canon 5D Mark II
Canon 24-70mm f2.8 L
Canon 70 – 200mm f2.8 L

Canon 580 EX II Speedlight
Canon 430 EX II Speedlight
Phottix Umbrella and Deep Octa
Collapsible reflector x 2
Phottix Strato II Wireless Flash Triggers
Rogue Speedlight colour gels

Which software do you edit your images with and how?
I have optimised my workflow around my tried and tested favourites: Adobe Bridge and Adobe Photoshop. Sure, there are probably more modern and more efficient ways to work, but I am a creature of habit. Photoshop will always be my go-to because of the labour-intensive and precise, detailed retouching work I do so I prefer not to have unnecessary steps in-between the initial review process and the final product.

Do you prefer location or studio?
I am trained and competent in both, but I must admit that a good location just adds so much to a photograph. Working on location lends itself to endless possibilities concept-wise and therefore suits my style best, but I do love the technical aspects of working in studio as well.

How do you find locations and collaborators?
I am super lucky to live in the Cape Town area where there are mountains, beaches, fancy hotels, rolling landscapes and so much more within just minutes from each other – it certainly does make a world of difference to have such fantastically varied options to choose from right on my doorstep! Additionally, I often come across something interesting by accident that I either build something around right away or I “file” in the back of my head for later use.

Generally, the same goes for collaborators: if there is something very specific I need for a shoot, I will hunt around until I find the perfect match to work with or otherwise, I will save a good find for when I can use it. It’s a very unique process that’s difficult to verbalise, but I’ve found that I become better at it with practice!

Where do your shoot ideas come from?
I have an abstract and rather grandiose way of thinking, which can lead to some pretty out there ideas.

Sometimes they can translate well into photo shoots and sometimes not and I need to chisel them a bit until they’re a workable concept, but I enjoy letting the shoots evolve and take their own course as they’ve proven over and over to have a mind of their own.

My concept work is generally inspired by things I love – movies, mythology, superheroes, comic books, fashion, you name it. These are things I’ve grown up loving since childhood and I love paying homage to them through my concept work: there’s truth to shooting what you know!

Which photographers do you admire?
– Benjamin von Wong
– Kirsty Mitchell
– Emily Soto
– Amanda Diaz
– Zhang Jingna / zemotion
– Mario Testino
– Rankin
– Annie Leibovitz
– Petra van Raaij
– Patrick Demarchilier
– Miss Aniela
– Ellen von Unwerth
– Bella Kotak

Who built your website?
The awesome folks over at Digital Presence SA!

Do you offer workshops? / Can I meet you?
People ask me this quite often these days. At the moment, I am much more comfortable offering one-to-one sessions, so if you’re interested and in the Helderberg/Cape Town area please send me an  e-mail and we can arrange a meet-up over coffee or a glass of wine!

What advice do you have for me?
– Never give up
– Keep shooting
– Keep reading
– Be resilient
– Be prepared
– Have fun!